Busted: Police Surgeon Charged As “Massive” Health Care Scam Uncovered, $146 MILLION

DA-elect Eric Gonzalez briefed reporters on the arrests.

26 people have been indicted in a massive healthcare scheme. Four of the arrested were doctors and one of them was a New York Police Department surgeon. Dr. Robert Vaccarino, 61, has been charged with grand larceny and enterprise corruption for his role in the multi-million dollar scandal.

These indictments come after a long-term investigation by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office.

The ringleader of the scheme is Kristina Mirbabayeva and officials claim she and the others defrauded health insurance companies, laundered money, and falsified business records over a three year period.

Dr. Robert Vaccarino was arrested as part of the scheme.

The plot allegedly involved sending people out onto the streets of Brooklyn, New York to recruit homeless and low-income patients. If the had Medicaid or Medicare for insurance, the recruits would be offered $40 or $40 in cash to go to a clinic and be examined.

Once they arrived, the patients would be given multiple unnecessary tests such as ultrasounds and allergy tests. The insurers were billed for the expensive procedures.

The money would then be laundered through a series of shell companies and bank accounts through countries such as China,

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