California DEFIES U.S. Law, “People Power” Plan Outlines Scheme To Ensure Obama Dictates Stay

California state Sen. Scott Wiener recently jumped into the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) net neutrality debate. Wiener hopes to re-impose the struck down law in California, an ambitious plan that seeks to undercut the president’s agenda.

California is in open defiance. The liberal state already plans to defy the president by instituting its own net neutrality laws. State Sen. Scott Wiener plans to introduce the bill, which he refers to as the “People’s Power” rules.

“We don’t think that the FCC ( Federal Communications Commission) has the power to stop states from enacting our own rules. In fact, the FCC has lost that argument in court before, so we’re going to move forward. California does have significant ways of impacting internet access. We regulate cable franchises. Cable companies and telecommunication companies rely on access to the public right of way for their public infrastructure,” Wiener wrote.

The Obama administration imposed the original net neutrality rules that liberals are so desperate to protect. The left refuses to accept President Trump’s leadership. He promised to slash regulations when he took office, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. Democrats are reacting with fear rather than understanding. 

“One of the very first

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