California Judge ‘Interprets’ Constitution After Broken Nose “Restorative Justice” Session Endured

Judge James Donato delivered a mixed verdict for the plaintiffs and the Albany Unified School District. The result seems to suggest that the school can penalize students for the things they ‘like’, ‘comment’, or ‘follow’ on social media pages while off-campus.

In a ruling issued in the US District Court in San Francisco, California, a judge upheld the rights of a school administrator to penalize students for ‘liking’ an offensive picture on social media.  Judge James Donato of the US District Court upheld the idea that the Albany Unified School District was, indeed, allowed to discipline not only the creator of the offending account who shared the image(s) in question but also the students who dared ‘like’ the offensive content, as well as those who had commented on it.

To his credit, Judge Donato did rule against the Albany Unified School District in the cases of four students who liked or commented on posts that didn’t ‘target’ specific students, as well as ruling in favor of one student who had not liked or commented on anything, but was still somehow punished in connection.

Judge Donato made repeatedly clear that his ruling was only considering the First Amendment questions implicated in …

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