California Makes Demand: ‘Undocumented’ Residents Get Windfall As $400 BILLION Scheme Unveiled

California Assemblyman Phil Ting proposed a massive, $4.3 billion state budget that includes plans for illegal immigrant healthcare. The yearly healthcare costs are expected to swell massively over the years.

California lawmakers have proposed a startling budget for 2018. Assemblyman Phil Ting crafted the $4.3 billion proposal. Controversy erupted after it became clear that Ting believes the government will need to spend a whopping $1 billion on healthcare for illegal immigrants next year.

Ting’s plan calls for the state to eradicate residency requirements for its Medicaid program. All low-income adults would then be eligible. If his plan is approved, costs could balloon an additional $400 billion. Yearly free healthcare for illegals is wildly expensive.

Why is California going out of its way to transform into an illegal immigrant haven? The state’s contentious sanctuary city policies are offensive enough; giving any more protections to illegals is mind-boggling.

California is struggling with a housing epidemic, home prices are rising much faster than wages. If lawmakers want to help poor residents, they don’t have to look far.

“It’s notable that California proportionately spends more on direct cash aid than noncash assistance than most other states. Nationally, 31 percent of benefits are direct cash

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