California Police Mobilized: “Matter Of Time” As Ten Random Victims Struck Down In Sanctuary Land

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims stated that though local law enforcement has little to nothing to go on, they will catch the ‘coward’ (or cowards) who is driving by and shooting people on the roads. One would think that the extreme regulation of firearms would have made this threat unnecessary.

California is not known for having the most friendly drivers or roads.  They are known for roads in disrepair, roads that are clogged with traffic for hours on end, and generally terrible drivers.  California is also known for having many illegal immigrant drivers, who may have licenses, but often do not have insurance.

With how terrible the California roads are, you would not be remiss in thinking of them as a constant threat and hazard.  Most likely, you would be absolutely correct in doing so. But this holiday season, there is a worse threat on the roads of California than the threat of being hit by someone with no insurance; the threat of being randomly shot while driving from place to place as you make your holiday rounds.

In California, there is an ongoing manhunt to search for a shooter who has thus far shot 10 vehicles (at least he’s …

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