California Schools Must Provide Controversial Item For FREE, “Traumatic” Bill Danger To Children

Senator Connie Leyva proposed an outrageous pro-abortion bill.

It is no secret that California is a liberal place, and the same generally applies to college campuses. However, a bill, if passed, would literately turn universities into abortion clinics, extreme even for the very blue state. Senator Connie Leyva proposed Senate Bill 320, which would mandate that public universities in California must make the abortion pill available and free for pregnant students up to ten weeks, beginning in 2020. The bill will be reviewed at a California Senate Health Committee hearing this week.

Pro-life advocates are warning of the main dangers to mother and child from 320 passing. The primary concern, is, of course, the number of babies that would be slaughtered, however, they also discuss the trauma that patients would undergo by having an induced miscarriage in their dorm rooms.

The main problem with the bill is that abortion rates would rise dramatically from offering such a drug on a college campus. Pregnant college women are within “the age group most likely to have an abortion,” so partnered with a college environment where the focus of the decision would be on the mother’s future, unborn babies hardly stand a chance …

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