California Session Identifies ‘Illegal’ Plot As $64 BILLION And Seven Year Delay Spell Doom

California Governor Jerry Brown, who was a leading proponent of the bullet train project. Since it was approved in a vote, its costs have grown by leaps and bounds, and there is no end in sight. The project is four years behind and at least $20 billion over budget, but Jerry Brown refuses to abandon the project.

California is not a state that comes to mind when talking about fiscal responsibility.  It is a state mired in terrible spending ideas, after all.  It’s the first state to seriously look into a single-payer healthcare system (they found that creating such a system would require doubling the state budget).   It’s a state that is drowning in over a trillion dollars of unfunded pension liability.  It’s a state famous for raising taxes on everyone they can (except tech corporations in Silicon Valley, who they fear will flee the state), and for terrible legislation concerning the Second Amendment.  Soon, they will also be famous for designing a bullet-train to nowhere, and doing so in a way that likely violates legal constraints on the project.

The bullet train, which Governor Jerry Brown pushed for along with most of the California Democrat Party, went from …

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