Chicago Police Announce Hidden Liberal Rule, Unions Cry Foul As Life-Saving Protection REMOVED

Chicago Police leaders look on as Mayor Rahm Emanuel, formerly a part of the Obama administration, discusses police policy. It is becoming clear with each passing day that Rahm Emanuel has lost control of the city, and it is obvious that the police do not respect him, his input, or his opinion.

Chicago has a crime problem, to the point that it runs a weekly tally of shootings (most of which occur in its south side).  It is often on lists of most dangerous, most violent, worst cities to live, and similar lists, because not only is crime out of control in many areas, but the local political scene is corrupt beyond belief, taxation is absurd, and the city of Chicago (as well as the state of Illinois as a whole) have been on the verge of bankruptcy since Obama took office.

It is hard to understand why, then, the city of Chicago would be so hard on its police officers and their ability to use minimal force in order to stop criminals, including fleeing criminals. But that is just what the city of Chicago did, setting new use-of-force guidelines concerning the use of ‘stun guns’ (tasers) in May and …

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