Christmas Is Racist, Says Everyone Not White or Christian

Who knew that celebrating the birth of the Savior would be so hateful and bigoted? Apparently we white people have been mucking up the Feast of the Nativity and it’s high time that we come clean, washed from our sins to be as white as snow.

Uh oh, I did it again. Racist without even knowing it! At least Jesus the Lamb of God will forgive me. After all, He is…

Sorry. I was going to say “pure and spotless,” but that would imply that His wool is…you guessed it. White.

Well, let’s get on to other ways in which we evil whites have been making life miserable for other people, and ruining our souls in the process.

1. Santa Claus. Why do we portray this near-omnipotent elf whom all children worldwide are supposed to supplicate as a white man? How about having a black Santa for a change, or a gay one evenIsn’t it time for a woman to be running things at the North Pole? Just because Santa Claus is a European traditional figure doesn’t mean that he should be portrayed as a white man, right?

2. A Christmas Story. The movie famous for its “you’ll …

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