City Council Bows To Resident’s Delusional Demand As ‘Racist’ Flora Costs Thousands

The Mayor is going to spend a fortune supplying walls and netting to do the work of the trees that he is removing.

It is strange that when groups of people are all milling around, more often than not, the groups will start to gather and befriend others of the same race. This happens even in situations where no racial prejudice exists and it happens among most cultures, even ones that have never known racial tensions. However, there are groups of people who suggest that this is a sign of racism, even though those of all races display similar behavior.

According to AJC, “Palm Springs will remove a row of trees blocking a historically African-American neighborhood from a city-owned golf course,” because as well all know, the trees were planted for racist causes. It was never about keeping anyone safe from potentially hazardous flying golf balls (that is a joke, snowflakes). The delusional Mayor Robert Moon, a “council member J.R. Roberts, and other city officials” are ready to act to uproot the offensive tamarisk trees, too.

Since they were planted in the 1960’s during the time of segregation, those making claims about the racist nature of …

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