Complexity Claimed As California Reneges On $1.2 BILLION, Victims Outraged As New Threat Emerges

Jerry Brown (pictured) leads a state that neglects to pay it’s bills.

California Governor Jerry Brown has in the past neglected to allow for billions to be paid when owed, a scandal that caused him to be the laughing stock of nation for a time. Well, it seems that California has now made it a point of not paying billions of dollars as they have failed to settle “any of the $1.2 billion in claims coming from the Oroville Dam crisis,” Breitbart News confirms.

The money is said to be owed to “residents, farmers, and local governments” after they filed claims following a spillway failure in February. California’s Department of General Services (DGS) has not so much as settled one of those claims and has turned many of them down entirely, according to the Sacramento Bee.

A staggering 347 claims were denied because “they were more complex than the standard administrative claims … the department normally receives,“confessed Monica Hassan, the agency’s deputy director. Somehow, it must be legal to deny what is owed to someone on the grounds that is may be complicated. Only in California.

This dam has cost billions.

Some of the …

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