Confederate cemetery rescued from obscurity

Arkansas Online, CABOT — One of the most melancholy settings in Arkansas lies about four miles southeast of Cabot.

In a fenced field next to a playground and several houses, 428 headstones mark the mass burial site of some 1,500 Confederate soldiers cut down in the fall of 1862 — not by Union gunfire but rather by measles, typhoid, mumps and other contagious diseases.

These Civil War casualties lie in anonymity. Each tombstone bears a brief inscription: “Unknown Soldier CSA” — but no name. Obscurity has swallowed up these sons, husbands and fathers.

This is Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery, where visitors this month can observe small American flags planted at a dozen or more grave markers, along with a few miniature Stars and Bars — emblems of the defeated South.,,

Source: ARE WE THERE YET?: Confederate cemetery rescued from obscurity

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