Consensual immorality is not the solution. It’s the root of our problem.

So the latest spin flowing from pop-culture mouthpieces and those easily led by such folks (including many professing Christians) is that the problem with sexual immorality in ‘Merica isn’t the sexual immorality itself.

Oh no!

Nope, the problem with sexual immorality these days in here the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA is that the perverted acts in question have /not always been consensual for all parties involved.

You see, in American culture, if you want to engage in sexual immorality, we view that as your “God-given right”. We even proudly protect the “God-given rights” of businesses aimed at promoting and profiting from things like pornography and adultery.

We call this “freedom”, whereas Christ, the Author, Sustainer, and living embodiment of true freedom, calls it bondage that leads to death.

This clash of freedoms is now being brought center stage in American culture, though most Americans don’t seem to notice, largely because they’re ignorant of the Christ-centered concept of freedom and, as such, only have the counterfeit Americanized version of freedom to measure things by.

The fact that most professing Christians in the land have bought into an anti-Christian counterfeit concept of freedom explains why the …

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