Democrats Charged With ‘Sunshine’ Law Violation, Irate State Opens Investigation Over ILLEGAL Act

Memphis Mayor Strickland (pictured) is having some scrutiny paid to what he allowed to happen in two parks.

The Conservative Daily Post yesterday showed that Memphis officials worked like cockroaches as they scurried under the cover of darkness and the Christmas rush to defile American history by removing Confederate monuments. It was noted that if those in America who rightly see what is happening, and why, that our country was in deep trouble.

Thankfully, the Tennessean is reporting that “Republican state lawmakers on Thursday called for an investigation and are considering drafting new legislation after Memphis sold two public parks to circumvent state law in order” to have two popular statues removed from the public view. This broke the very spirit of the law, a nuance that has rightfully angered many close to the matter. That is why jail bars are may be waiting for those who facilitated the removal and committed a “sunshine violation” in doing so.

House Majority Leader Glen Casada and House Republican caucus chairman Ryan Williams plan to begin working immediately with “House Speaker Beth Harwell, Attorney General Herbert Slatery and the state comptroller’s office” in order to not only …

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