Dixians Denied Another Statesman…

But Did We Ever Deserve One to Begin With?

Identity Dixie – I’d like to preface this with the reminder to all the psychotically hypocritical lemmings who loathe Moore and feign outrage about the allegations against him but give a free pass to Dennis Hastert, Jeffrey Eppstein, the Clintons, etc., etc., etc. need only disregard this post–which is directed at people that are still sane and not given over to a reprobate mind and strong delusion. 

With that out of the way, those of you to whom this does apply might take this as a black pill. But it’s not. It’s actually a white pill, depending on whether or not you can recognize the truth in what I’m saying.

Roy Moore, sadly, was not successful and Commie clown, in Doug Jones, was – don’t be too disappointed. We as a nation and as a people are in unfathomably desperate need of a TRUE revival of positively biblical proportions.

Nothing short of that is going to stay this execution. God has, time and time again used wicked rulers as means of bringing his wayward servants and children back into the fold and humbling them at the foot of his throne. “The stranger shall rise up above you” has clear ethnic connotations, but it can just as readily apply in an ideological sense as well. 

The Lord chasteneth whom he loveth, and that we are obviously being chastened as a people should be a white pill to us, however bitter it may be to swallow…

Source: Dixians Denied Another Statesman, But Did We Ever Deserve One to Begin With? – Identity Dixie

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