“Each One Is Alive”: Groundbreaking Procedure Offers Hope As ‘Science FICTION’ Becomes Reality

This is a medical breakthrough that happens but once in a generation.

Nothing creates “humbug” during the Christmas season like hearing daily about North Korea wanting to kill millions (potentially billions) of innocent people, the constant battle between donkeys and elephants,” and even violence while shopping at the mall. The Time of Isreal has published a story that breaks the callousness and delivers more than a bit of joy to counter all of that misery.

It is reported that human bone is being regrown for the first time ever “at HaEmek Hospital in the northern Israeli town of Afula.” This could very well be the biggest medical breakthrough since man discovered penicillin. Each bone is “alive” and grows in ways that are staggering the medical community as the reel of shock.

A man who the Times calls “Danny” had suffered having part of his shinbone removed following a devastating car accident. Eight months later, in a procedure that some staff has been calling “science fiction,” his leg is being regrown!

The medical community can not believe the truth as doctors speak about the success of growing human bone.

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