Elementary School Teacher BUSTED, Massive Facebook Sting Nets 50 As Police Uncover Full Crime

Police in Chicago have busted a nasty private group on Facebook, but the permissions that they seek are still disturbing.

Those who follow the news with any regularity know that there are some very unsettling things happening in our elementary schools as of late, as the Conservative Daily Post has shown. There are reports of teachers engaging in sex with kids who are not even in Jr. High yet, and many of the offenders are female.

ABC7 News reminds us that there are many more sins taking place in such learning centers as “Chicago police have arrested 50 people, including a Chicago Public Schools teacher.” Warrants are being issued for 18 others as “secret Facebook groups selling illegal drugs and guns” have been uncovered in a massive sting.

The Facebook groups were private, so they required that a person become a member in order to see what was posted. A “confidential informant” sang to police and it led to the huge discovery of this troublesome operation.

Daniel Caponigri is …

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