Epic Fail: Stafford County Black Lives Matter Flag Fundraiser Falls Short, Project Abandoned

You may recall that our Fredericksburg I-95 Memorial Battle Flag has been in the news quite a bit over the last few months.

In September, the Stafford County Attorney announced that there was absolutely nothing that Stafford County could do to force the removal of the flag that flies 24/7 in what was recently described as the busiest corridor of I-95, even if they wanted to, because it flies on private property and is protected by the First Amendment.

Attorney: Stafford Co.’s ‘hands are tied’ about Confederate flag over I-95

This announcement was made after agitators attended several County Board of Supervisors meetings, demanding the county take action to have the flag removed. Supervisors have repeatedly informed the agitators that the flag was erected with all necessary permits and following all regulations.

In response, a Fredericksburg area couple filed a complaint, claiming that the flag pole and flag violated zoning ordinances and attempted to convince county officials that the flag was actually a sign, “advertising” for the Va Flaggers.


In early December, after a two month long investigation, county officials once again announced that the flag site did not violate any ordinances and was free to fly on private property. 


In the meantime, much press attention was given

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