Equality Law Takes Aim On Halal Grocery Store, Courts Rule On “Discriminatory” Practice

Mayor of Colombes, Nicole Goueta, has stated she tried to convince the owner to diversify his goods to meet the laws but that he is ultimately choosing to ignore the laws and continues to discriminate against non-Muslims.

The wave of “multiculturalism” that has been sweeping across Europe has continued to cause more and more added stress to the lives of the European locals.  Their leaders systematically opened the doors to not only their metropolis cities but also their humble villages, which sustain the traditions and cultures that make up Europe, to the Muslim migrants seeking new homes.  Their hospitality has been returned with hostility and disrespect but now a French town has had enough as they move forward with plans to close a halal shop for failing to provide alcohol and non-halal meat.

The French culture is one that has endured throughout many hardships.  Their early history began with a series of Roman settlements and towns in what was formerly Gaul, and progressed to be ruled by psychotic tyrants who believed themselves to be in charge from God’s hands.  They rejected that doctrine and although struggled, rose to become one of the world’s superpowers through their adaption and competitiveness with …

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