From Manger to Throne: The King of Kings and His Everything-Conquering Kingdom

Everybody loves babies. They’re easy to adore.


Which is why celebrations of Christ’s birth that define this time of year are such an easy sell for many who openly despise the notion of a King of kings ruling over them (including many who claim to be Christian).

It’s easy to fawn over a baby.

It’s easy to talk about things like peace, love, and good will when we get to define peace, love, good will, and everything else by our own self-referential, emotion-driven, ever-shifting standards.

But when true peace, true love, and every other truly good thing are defined by the Nature of God as reflected in His Word, which was “made flesh” in King Jesus, well, that’s a whole ‘nother thing…and it’s a whole ‘nother thing that unrepentant pagans and false converts despise deep down in their core.

They have no trouble claiming to love babies, at least as they define love, but they hate the notion of a King ruling over them.

They hate His Kingdom.

They hate His Gospel.

And why?

Because the King, His Kingdom, and the Gospel-fueled Great Commission through which He expands that Kingdom are all things that proclaim and advance the sovereignty …

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