From the Commander in Chief on Memphis.

From the Commander in Chief on Memphis.

Please see the post from Tennessee Division Commander James Patterson. I will add that the city of Memphis has lost every where they have appealed to get permission to VIOLATE state law, well with the exception of their local courts. This afternoon the City made a decision to willfully violate state law and remove the statues of Forrest and Davis. This is a direct violation of state LAW and we MUST allow the state to pursue this case in a lawful manner. We have been assured that the pursuit will be swift.

We have been fighting this case for over five years and damn sure don’t plan on backing down now. Everyone from National down to the Tennessee Division is aware and staying abreast of the violations that the City of Memphis enacted late this afternoon.

Thos. V. Strain Jr.
75th Commander-in-Chief
Sons of Confederate Veterans
#scv #tnscv

At the Memphis city council meeting tonight, the city voted to remove the Forrest statue and Jefferson Davis statue immediately. At this moment the parks are surrounded by Memphis City police and cranes are on site, the statues will be moved tonight. They are …

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