From the War with Mexico to the Civil War, the Rise of Republicans

Battle of Buena Vista, Feb. 22-23, 1847.

Pre Civil War political history began in 1844, particularly with the election. It resulted in a series of events that would result in America’s biggest in-country conflict. The 1844 election was between Democrat James Polk and Whig Henry Clay. The two parties had very different outlooks about American policy.

The Whigs, who were mostly in the North, advocated for state improvement of infrastructure and the financing of more networks, like roads, bridges, railroads, and canals. The Democrats of the South, on the other hand, were focused on America pushing its borders and expanding, and then leaving the new land in private hands. James Polk came out victorious in the election.

Polk had four goals he wanted to achieve, and he pledged to only serve for four years. In his first two years, he accomplished his goals of putting government funds in the treasury, rather than in Andrew Jackson’s pet banks, and to reduce tariffs. He was successful in both of these. Towards the end of President Tyler’s administration, the annexation of Texas had been pushed. This had given many fear that the territory would be divided up into up to five slave states, …

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