Fugate, Schaeffer, Frame, McAtee, and Spengler Discuss Generational Curses

In his book What the Bible Says About Being a Man, J. Richard Fugate posits the theory that because “the 1950s began the decades of the totally missing fathers” (p. 29), it set in motion a procession of biblical curses. Specifically, the four generations of curses warned of in Exodus 20:5 and elaborated in Proverbs 30:11-14.

The Baby Boom generation he identifies with “the generation that blesseth not father and mother.” (v. 11) Otherwise known as “the me generation,” these rebelled strongly against their parents and ancestors, and with them, the Faith that underlay Western civilization.

Generation X he identifies as “a generation that are pure in their own eyes, but not washed from their filthiness.” (v. 12) Because though moderated from the radicalism of the Boomers, and rather than return to Christ in earnest, they settled into an aloof nominalism.

The Millennials he takes as those of whom Solomon says, “O how lofty are their eyes, and their eyelids are lifted up [in vain pride].” (v. 13) Though he wrote prior to the rise of the SJW snowflake phenomenon besieging our campuses and capitols, we can safely assume Fugate would see these developments as confirmation of his thesis.…

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