‘Generations’ DEAD: California’s Misguided Plan Leads To Massive Loss In Native Industry

It is not likely that Greenpeace leader Annie Leonard (pictured) or others who tried to help meant to harm the salmon, but when man plays God, that is often the outcome.

In the modern age, nothing is worse than being a tuna or a salmon. After Fukushima, many studies have shown that salmon and most of the food from the Pacific Ocean is rather toxic to ingest. Oh, TEPCO/General Electric (those who caused the disaster) will claim otherwise. So will those paid to do so in some way for the good of their bottom line, but the facts are that such seafood is nothing short of deadly.

Well, the lowly salmon has yet another enemy that has nothing to do with radioactivity. ABC News has just reported that a “decision to truck California’s native baby salmon toward the Pacific Ocean during the state’s drought” may prove to have calamitous results. This misguided plan to play Mother Nature “may have resulted in generations of lost young salmon now hard-pressed to find their way back to their reproductive grounds.

Droughts have endured on the Earth long before mankind. The Bible and other historical documents tell of nightmarish droughts …

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