‘Glorious Chaos’ Seemingly Explains Away Conspiracy. Too Bad It’s Unbiblical.

During a May 3, 2010 interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box program, notorious financial miscreant Warren Buffett attempted to explain away the motives that propelled the subprime mortgage housing bubble into a spectacular pop. After being introduced by a sycophantic talking head as one for whom ‘thousands and thousands of his faithful gather to hear his every word’, as though he himself took a hand in inscribing one of the Sinai tablets, Buffett proffered a masterpiece of disingenuousness in place of an analysis:

Well, when there’s a delusion, a mass delusion, you can say everybody is to blame. I mean, you can say I should have spotted it, you can say the feds should have spotted it, you can say the mortgage brokers should have, Wall Street should have spotted it and blown the whistle. I’m not sure if they had blown the whistle how much good it would have done. People were having so much fun. And it’s a little bit like Cinderella at the ball. People may have some feeling that at midnight it’s going to turn to pumpkin and mice, but it’s so darn much fun, you know, when the wine is flowing and the guys get better

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