Gun-Hating Judge Orders New Trial, Blocks Body Cam Evidence Abolishing Constitutional Right

A hung jury in a case which should never have been brought to court causes judge to declare a mistrial. A new court date has been set for March of 2018.

Steven Jones was an 18-year-old freshman at Northern Arizona University. On October 9, 2015, he was involved in a shooting which would leave 20-year-old Colin Brough dead. The state charged him with first degree murder among other charges related to the shooting. They were unable to convict Jones and after a hung jury led to Judge Dan Slayton declaring a mistrial, the state decided it would try again.

A new trial was set in August of 2017, but was postponed to October. It has once again been postponed to March of 2018 due to his lawyer’s health. The state refuses to drop the case even though the evidence seems abundantly clear this was a self defense shooting.

The Coconino Country Attorney’s Office has offered several plea deals; however, Jones is certain of his innocence and on the advice of counsel will proceed to trial. As the details of the incident become clear, this is a wise choice on behalf of the defendant.

Steven Jones is an American patriot

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