Hawaii Bill Would Authorize Commercial Hemp Production Despite Federal Prohibition

HONOLULU, Hawaii (Dec. 13, 2017) – The Hawaii Senate will take up a bill in the 2018 legislative session that would expand the state’s industrial hemp program and authorize commercial production of the crop. Passage of the bill would spur development of a hemp industry in the Aloha State and set the foundation to end federal prohibition in effect.

A coalition of three senators introduced Senate Bill 1052 (SB1052) last January and it will carry over into the 2018 session. The legislation would make the state’s existing hemp pilot program permanent and expand it to include hemp production for commercial purposes. It would also permanently exclude hemp from the states criminal prohibition against marijuana.

Hawaii created a federally compliant industrial hemp pilot program for research purposes only in 2016. According to legislative findings, “the University of Hawaii’s research shows significant potential for a successful agricultural hemp industry in Hawaii.” Passage of SB1052 would set the stage for the development of a thriving hemp industry in the state by allowing hemp license holders to produce the crop for commercial purposes.


Early in 2014, President Barack Obama signed a new farm bill into law, which included a …

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