Homemade Injection Goes Horribly Wrong As Doctors Say Ex-Soldier “Freak” Faces Serious Cost

Amputation may be where this experiment ends.

Kirill Tereshin, a former Russian soldier, is called the “human Popeye” by some. Other call him the “freak.” This is because he willfully injects a homemade concoction of “Synthol, made from olive oil, lidocaine, and benzyl alcohol” into his tissue in order to have what he calls “bazooka” arms. It is basically trying to look ripped without having to really do any work.

This shortcut comes at a grave cost, as the Mirror observes. Doctors and experts are saying that Tereshin faces amputation of both arms over the practice! The Russian posted on Instagram that my “bazooka arms are about to fall off.” Many of his followers are quite concerned, yet the x-soldier refuses to even halt the injections.

Photos show that his arms are a grim looking reddish-purple. Stretch marks on the skin are shown as his body struggles to hold the substance inside of “Popeyes” arms. Since it is not real muscle that is bulking out, this is proving ever harder for his skin to do as it stretches like wet paper about to burst.

Doctors have warned …

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