Illegal Alien Sexually Assaulted Woman At Bus Stop While She Was Having A Seizure

GERMANTOWN, MD (ABC7) — A disabled woman’s trip to her local 7-Eleven morphed into a terrifying experience when a stranger sexually assaulted her during an unforeseen medical emergency.

The victim, whom ABC7 is not identifying, told police she had just purchased a pack of cigarettes at the 7-Eleven along the 12800 block of Clopper Road in Germantown. It was around 11:30 p.m. While walking home, the woman suffered a seizure, causing her to collapse onto a bench at a Ride On bus stop. It’s unclear how long the woman was unconscious, but when she came to, she realized an unknown man had one of his hands down her pants.

That man, who police have since identified as Francisco Roberto Sanchez, 41, of Germantown, allegedly ripped his hand away and fled on foot once the victim awoke.

The woman told police her attacker was a Hispanic man with short dark hair, dark mustache, wearing a white tank top and dark-colored basketball shorts.

Two days later, the victim called 911 to report she had spotted the suspect while she was riding the bus. A patrol officer arrested Sanchez in a wooded area adjacent to the scene of …

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One comment on “Illegal Alien Sexually Assaulted Woman At Bus Stop While She Was Having A Seizure
  1. Joe Putnam says:

    The “joys” of vibrancy. This garbage will not stop until we have an ethnostate, or at least peacefully and legally dominate our territory as we once did and enforce some level of segregation.

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