Illegal Alien Tried To Rape 10-Year-Old Girl, Chased Her With Machete

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA (WTVR) – Even though her bus stop in North Chesterfield sits just steps from their home, Sara Soto never lets her 10-year-old daughter Meleny walk to or from the bus alone.

In fact, she doesn’t ever let her kids outside by themselves.

“You gotta be with your kids at all times in these apartments,” Soto said.

That’s because of an incident in late October, when Soto said a man attacked her daughter.

“He was standing right there when he grabbed her,” Soto said.

It happened while Soto and Meleny were walking to the store.

Meleny was a few steps ahead of her mother, and after rounding the corner she said she was approached by the suspect.

“His zipper was down. He said where was I going. I was just walking, and he grabbed me,” the 10-year-old said.

“I was like why are you crying? ‘That guy. That guy grabbed me. He had his thing out.’ Like what are you talking about his thing? His thing! I was like oh my God,” Soto said.

The girl was able to run away, but Soto said the man followed them home and was carrying a machete.

“What did

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