Intimidating Anti-Moore Ad Removed

Intimidating Anti-Moore Ad Removed

The New American – An intimidating online advertisement that has left some Alabama voters confused as to whether their ballots in the December 12 election would be secret has been removed at the request of the Alabama Secretary of State’s office, which posted on its website a news release saying:

December 6, 2017 — MONTGOMERY — Recent reports to the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office indicated the existence of an ad that was targeting Alabamians with incorrect or inaccurate information intent on confusing voters. The ad made claims that the candidate a voter casts their ballot for would be made public and would be shared with members of their community.

This ad, paid for by the Highway 31 political action committee, was reported to be on YouTube among other digital platforms. Once the ad was reported, Secretary of State John Merrill instructed his team to work quickly to ensure Alabamians were not confused or dissuaded from participating in the democratic process due to misinformation or fear of retribution for how they cast their ballot.

Secretary Merrill’s team contacted the Media and Advertising team at Google (YouTube’s parent company), and through several intense discussions and many references to Alabama state law, the group at Google concluded that the ad should be “disapproved,” as it was in violation of the AdWords advertising policies. Therefore, at the request of the Alabama Secretary of State’s office, the intimidating ad was removed by Google…

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