Introducing: Operation Homeland



We are proud to announce the formation of Operation Homeland, a new organization dedicated to building a professional identitarian activist movement.

Identitarians around the world are organizing. In planned events and spontaneous actions, we have shifted the political landscape and become players on the world stage, despite our meager resources.

Our positions are clear: we support immigration restriction and free speech, and we resolutely oppose more wars fought in the interest of foreigners. And while Beltway “conservatives” might hem and haw about the desecration of Southern and American national monuments, we take our stand.

Alt-Right groups have been amateur in the best sense of the word. They are composed of dedicated people, who, often anonymously, donate their time and resources to the cause. The Alt-Right is young, talented, energetic, and motivated. But now it is necessary to take activism to the next level.

Operation Homeland will fulfill this critical role.

Our purpose is to plan and carry out bold demonstrations, train and mentor young activists, and foster collaboration among identitarians in America and around the world…

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