Jail for Fla. Rep. Who Blasted Feds for Investigating Her Instead of Orlando Terrorist

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Judicial Watch – The disgraced Florida congresswoman who suggested federal agents could have prevented the Orlando terrorist attack if they weren’t preoccupied investigating her is headed to prison. This week a federal judge in Jacksonville sentenced Democrat Corrine Brown, who served 12 terms in Congress, to five years in jail for fraud and tax crimes involving an $833,000 phony education charity. In a 24-count federal indictment, prosecutors called the fake charity (One Door) Brown’s “personal slush fund.” The veteran legislator used her position as a congresswoman to solicit charitable donations that she said would give scholarships to poor, minority students. In May a jury convicted the crooked lawmaker of 18 felonies.

The indictment was issued weeks after an ISIS operative gunned down dozens of people at an Orlando nightclub and the congresswoman went on a tirade outside the federal courthouse that she proclaimed was built “without minority participation” as if that was relevant to her case. “I represent Orlando,” Brown said at the time. “These are the same agents that was not able to do a thorough investigation of the agent and we ended up with 50 people dead and over 58 people injured,” she said referring to the massacre carried out by terrorist Omar Mateen in June, 2016. “Same district! Same Justice Department! Same agents!” Brown also accused the prosecution of being racially motivated and wrote this on her blog: “I’m not the first black elected official to be persecuted and, sad to say, I won’t be the last.” The indictment slammed Brown with multiple counts of mail and wire fraud, conspiracy, obstruction and filing of false tax returns. The fallen lawmaker also played the race card by comparing her indictment to fatal police shootings of black men that ignited nationwide civil unrest…

Source: Jail for Fla. Rep. Who Blasted Feds for Investigating Her Instead of Orlando Terrorist – Judicial Watch

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