Jailed Democrat JUDGE Claims Sexual Harassment And Perjury “Mistakes,” Now Throws Hat

Willie Singletary, a former Philadelphia Traffic Court judge, has announced his run for the First District seat

The Democratic Party seems to only attract crooks, perverts, and liars. And Willie Singletary is no exception to this.

A former Pennsylvania judge, Singletary epitomizes all that’s wrong with the Democratic Party and its officials. Singletary, who is a convicted felon, has been accused of sexual harassment, charged with corruption, and suspended by the state Supreme Court. And now he’s a congressional candidate.

The disgraced Singletary has already published a video announcing his candidacy for the Democratic nomination. “Even though I made some mistakes, I’m not a mistake.  And just like many in our community, we all could use a fresh start,” Singletary says in the video.

Singletary was charged in a ticket-fixing scheme in 2013. He and other judges were accused of benefitting financially from the scheme. The prosecution said Singletary’s operation cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars. Singletary subsequently resigned from his position, and he and all of the other judges involved have appealed their convictions.

He was acquitted of all corruption charges, but convicted of lying to the FBI. For that, he was sentenced to almost …

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