Joe Straus’s Last Nail

A year ago, did you really think we’d be standing here, like this? Then, Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus was riding high, perched upon his Speaker’s chair, the gate keeper of the legal agenda. Now, he’s retiring from his seat and speaker’s role, and of last night, with the reprimand of his own party. In a 77 to 21 vote, a resolution to censure Joe Straus was passed by Bexar County Executive Committee of the Texas Republican Party.

The resolution accuses Straus of taking actions “in opposition to the core principles of the Republican Party of Texas platform.” The document goes on to list specific violations, such as abuse of “the power of his office,” obstruction of the governor’s agenda, “walking off the job” in his premature adjournment of the special session, setting aside parliamentary rules to quash dissent, using his powers to kill republican party-approved agenda items (school-choice, right to life, etc.), and others.

The Executive Committee meeting, itself, had but a singular purpose: adoption of the resolution. The resolution was read, accompanied by video showing evidence of Straus’s obstruction and contempt for the concerns of his fellow Republicans. After that, they moved to a short debate …

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