Journalist ARRESTED: First Amendment Scoop Enrages Corrupt Cops As 20-Year Sentence Looms

Laredo Police Department Spokesperson Joe Baeza faced a tough crowd when he explained controversial charges against a popular local blogger.

Priscilla Villarreal’s December arrest has constitutionalists spooked. Texas police officers kicked off a firestorm when they arrested the prominent Laredo blogger on felony “misuse of official information” charges.

Villarreal revealed the identity of a Border Patrol agent who committed suicide before law enforcement had the chance to issue an official statement. She posted the deceased agent’s name on her Facebook page, where she’s amassed over 80,000 followers.

Her actions were perhaps disrespectful to the victim’s family, but it’s difficult to see how society was harmed by Villarreal’s actions. Her informant was a police officer who volunteered the information on her own free will. Yet she’s facing up to 20 years a prison, a longer sentence than most rapists receive.

Villarreal, who refers to herself as “Lagordiloca” or “the crazy fat woman,” has been an enemy of the Laredo police department for years.

Priscilla Villarreal, 32, has been blogging for years. She was arrested and charged with two felonies this month because she posted the name of a deceased border agent on social media. She broke the story before the police

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