Just like Eve, Alabama Chooses #MeToo

Alabama is fundamentally a bifurcated state. Two thirds of the population is non-Hispanic white and heavily tilted towards various forms of conservative Christianity. One quarter of the population is black and heavily tilted towards various forms of liberal Christianity. None of this is new.

Alabama is a Southern state in the mold of the “New South,” i.e. reconstructed in the image of anti-white, industrialist RINOs who cuck at every turn on identity and morality. None of this is new. This has been the status quo for decades.

What is new is that Alabama is apparently so cucked that the lying, liberal media’s incessant claims about Alabama’s revered controversialist, Judge Roy Moore, were enough to deny him the U.S. Senate seat that he otherwise would have won — and which the entire American people needed him to win.

What was the variable in the equation? It wasn’t race, since the black demographic has held pretty steady for a long time at around 26 percent of the state population. As usual, the black voting bloc voted 95 percent for the socialist, pro-abortion, anti-white Democrat. In an ethnostate that voting bloc thankfully wouldn’t skew things in the wrong direction. Liberals like Doug …

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