Liberals Furious After Body Cam Footage Proves “Loving, Caring” Lie, Investigation Continues

The last moments of Pierre’s life.

WARNING: The video below may be disturbing to some readers. 

When Michael Brown strongarmed his way into a convenience store and robbed the owner, somehow, Brown was not supposed to be the to face innocence. Likewise, as he rushed the arresting officers who found him soon after, Americans were supposed to believe that the thug has said, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” a lie crafted by an acquaintance of Brown’s.

Well, if the bodycam had not been running, the shooting of Jean Pedro Pierre in Florida would have been the lastest false cause for Black Lives Matter, the N.F.L, and other foolish social justice warriors to rally around and riot for, as the Conservative Tribune reveals today.

As WTVJ-TV confirms, the combative man was killed by officers on Wednesday. It was a domestic disturbance which first alerted the authorities to the residence. WFOR TV reports that Pierre was shot three times by law enforcement officers.

Once the social justice warriors began to try and paint this as another case of a black man being killed for no reason, the Orland Sun Sentinel shows that “Broward County Sheriff’s Office took the

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