Lincoln Motor Company Likely Feeding Biometric Information into Federal Databases

Buy a new Lincoln automobile and the company will help you get your information entered massive federal biometric database for free.

The Lincoln Motor Company has partnered with CLEAR, a private company that helps travelers move through airport security more quickly. New Lincoln owners can sign up for a complimentary, free membership.

CLEAR is not affiliated with the TSA, but biometric data collected by the company will still likely end up in federal databases.

CLEAR has partnered with 24 airports to streamline the journey through the security checkpoint. The company website claims “CLEAR speeds you through the long line for ID check, and guides you to the screening line.” The company collects biometric data including fingerprints, iris scans and digital photographs. Clear members go through dedicated CLEAR lanes at the airport, verify their identities through biometric scans and then move directly to the security screening process, bypassing long lines. CLEAR has also partnered with several arenas, including Yankee Stadium and Coors Field in Denver.

The Lincoln program with CLEAR launches in January. New Lincoln owners will receive a six-month complimentary membership for themselves and a partner. Lincoln Black Label clients will receive yearlong memberships.

While CLEAR is not …

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