Maine School Board Abolishes Parental Rights As Transgender Policy Makes Outrageous Demand

Portland, Maine just passed an awesome new transgender law!

Portland, Maine just passed a transgender school law that demands teachers side with children concerning gender or identity preference. 

The sleepy little town of Portland, Maine has a new transgender law thanks to its school board. The new law allows school-aged children to choose their own gender but it goes further—teachers are forbidden from arguing with the student or siding with any parent who disapproves.

The school board praises its own efforts at passing a sweepingly comprehensive transgender policy for their students. Hallelujah! Safe havens for all, they think. Except for parents, that is, who appear to have no parental rights whatsoever in this new path they’re forging.

Right after Thanksgiving, the Portland Board of Education unanimously approved the new motion. It requires all staff and teachers to be trained on gender issues. The training includes using a student’s preferred name and teaches the teachers how to use the proper personal pronoun (Perhaps that means he, she or it). If there is a dispute between the student and the parents, the teachers must take the student’s side in the argument.

This sort of behavior can not coexist with society. It is basically a mental disorder.

The school wants to be …

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