Make Your Own Traditions

Identity Dixie – We like to think of ourselves as having plenty of historical traditions in the South. We may eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day. In Texas, we take pictures of our families with the wild blue bonnets in the spring. We hunt and fish. Unfortunately, many of our traditions have been “Americanized.” Many are glued to the TV watching rival college teams on Saturday, or worse the professionals on Sunday, cheering on tribes of men who have nothing to do with who we are or where we come from.

We use to have strong traditions that tied us together. What can we do? How do revive the spirit of traditions? We start by instituting traditions ourselves.

When I was little, I loved being around “diverse” people during family gatherings. By diverse I mean, grandma and grandpa, mothers and fathers, teenagers, kids and little children. We use to all get together. The cultural Marxists have put a hurt on the family in the South. If everyone gets together it’s to stare at a square box, either in the living room or in their hand. When I started having kids, this bothered me. I began noticing these trends once I reached fatherhood…

Source: Make Your Own Traditions – Identity Dixie

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