Massive State-Supported Industry Busted As Sex Trafficking, Fraud, And Violence Abound

Governor Rick Scott addresses the devastating “Florida Shuffle.”

Florida, the “rehab capital of America” has become a dangerous trap for drug addicts needing desperate help. The unfortunate situation many addicts have found themselves in is making them easy targets for insurance fraud. Fake rehabilitation centers have emerged which keep addicts trapped into their own addiction cycles while profiting off their misfortune.

“‘Body snatchers’ or ‘junkie hunters’” in this crime ring, prey on individuals going through a difficult time, have few options, or may be naïve and overly receptive to help. The predators frequent twelve-step meetings around the country or other places addicts congregate, looking for ones in desperate situations and with health insurance.

Recruiters on behalf of the fake rehabs reportedly bribe potential patients with airline flights and luxurious facilities. The patients think it is done out of goodwill, though the con artists are benefitting financially. Some of these institutions will give patients drugs, while others will pay them to relapse, causing their insurance to restart their treatment program and continue the cycle longer.

“Junkie hunters” often seek out suffering addicts at recovery programs.

The worse a patient’s addiction appears to insurance companies, the more money treatment centers receive. In …

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