Massive THEFT: Witness Delivers Grand Jury ‘Potential’ As Sanders’ Political Schemes In Jeopardy

Sanders and his wife are concerned that they may face justice for what they have done.

As the Conservative Daily Post has sagaciously reported in the past, that there are a great number of questions being asked regarding Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Sanders and their business practices. There has been talk of colleges being short-changed, investors being lied to, and even the needy being mistreated as their homes were rent from them. All the while, Senator Sanders (I-VT)  and his spouse have seemed all but immune from justice.

Thankfully, Fox News is reporting that those days may be coming to an end. Not only is the federal investigation that began in 2016 still fully underway, but there is now a buzz about a “potential” grand jury review being heard. This is not only sorrowful news for foolish liberals who would support Sanders in a possible 2020 run against President Donald Trump, but also, for his daughter, Carina Driscoll, as she enters Vermont politics.

In the last six weeks, at least one witness has been questioned and that person is not expected to be the last. All of this stems from Jane Sanders and “a land deal she

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