Media Blackout On Somali Attack, Sharia Controlled State Backtracks As Brutality EXPOSED

Betsy Hodges, Mayor of Minneapolis, is under the microscope for her relentless campaign to bring more and more refugees into Minnesota. Now that another native has been attacked, when will her involvment be investigated?

The lack of coverage about the crimes of Muslim refugees from the main stream media is completely and utterly unethical and extremely dangerous.  They spend more time talking about Trump’s tweets or his Diet Coke consumption than Americans being attacked by third world migrants on the streets.  Only one news station in Minnesota bothered to cover a story about a woman who was attacked by a Somali refugee and stabbed 14 times while walking home.

Morgan Evenson is an extremely brave and lucky woman to be sure.  She was just finishing up her shift at the Apple store, when she was suddenly the victim of what many could consider a hate crime.  The Somali suspect, and Evenson herself confirmed her attacker was Somalian, pulled his car over and ran over to Evenson with a large knife.  Caught off guard, Evenson did her best to fight off the attacker but he was pulling at her clothes and stabbing her repeatedly.

He didn’t stop until her screams were …

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