#MeToo Shifts the Overton Window Far Left

Like dominoes, the white world’s liberal persecutors are falling one after another in a series of firings, shamings, and career endings based on their alleged moral failures. ‘Tis poetic justice for these decamillionaires who have heaped infamy and shame on the innocent white masses for the crime of merely being white. The American red state hillbilly never had a friend in Matt Lauer or Charlie Rose. On the other hand, these paragons of moral virtue always had time for Barack Obama, illegals from Mexico, and “victims of Islamophobia.”

For years we hoi polloi have been lectured from atop the digital pulpits of NBC, CBS, and other lugenpresse propaganda factories. Now that the Left is once again eating its own, we who comprise the basket of deplorables get to see these anti-white liberals for who they really are.

Matt Lauer allegedly had a female subordinate employee come into his office, and exposed his genitals to her. He gave another female employee a sex toy as a gift, with a note explaining how he intended to use it on her. These aren’t masculine overtures. These aren’t innocent one-liners or assertions of sexual interest. These actions cross lines that no white Christian …

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