Minneapolis Police DESTROY Memorial, Claim “Perpetrators” Racist As Somali Cop Killer Goes Free

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo was sworn in almost immediately after Justine Damond’s July shooting. His department reacted swiftly when a white nationalist group erected a memorial for Damond.

Minneapolis police officers destroyed a peaceful memorial erected outside out of their headquarters. The victim being remembered, Justine Damond, is beyond reproach. The group that created the display, however, is associated with white nationalism.

Damond’s shooting rocked the nation. The gregarious Australian woman was gunned down by Minneapolis cop Mohamed Noor last July. She’d called 911 to report a possible sexual assault late at night, and encountered responding officers as they came down a dark alley.

Noor, a Somali-immigrant, fired at the pajama-clad Damond while she walked toward the squad car.

“We implore Mr. Freeman and the prosecutor’s office to continue to pursue a rigorous investigation and examination of evidence of the events leading up to Justine’s death,” Damond’s father pleaded recently.

“We expect them to fill in any gaps in the BCA’s (Bureau of Criminal Apprehension) work honestly and fairly, but completely. We will wait patiently while this occurs, but insist that this investigation be done, and done right.”

The destroyed memorial was respectful in its appearance, but its creators

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