Mohler’s Ultimatum: Either Cuck or Burn Forever

I had the unfortunate duty to read Al Mohler’s blog recently, and came across a post-Charlottesville article titled, “Letter from Berlin: The Lessons of History and the Heresy of Racial Superiority.” His blog post was self-styled as a new “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” as if being in the former capital of Nazi Germany gave him some profound insights into human existence.

The first half of his article dwelt heavily on the alleged horrors of the Nazi era and celebrated the “tolerance” and openness of modern German government, architecture, and culture. Interestingly, he even admitted that this tolerance has its reverse — intolerance towards what the postwar regime deems unacceptable behavior. He nodded approvingly at the arrest of foreign tourists who performed the fascist salute while he was in Germany as a sign of progress.

Mohler nodded approvingly at the Green/LGBT/socialist/globalist/Islamist establishment’s hatred of all forms of white German identitarianism, and tied that into his equivalent hatred of white American identitarianism. Whether 1920s-era segregation, antebellum slavery, or the antifa/government ambush of peaceful Alt Right protesters in Charlottesville on August 12, Mohler waxed rhapsodic in his condemnation of white people who stand up for their safety, rights, and liberties.…

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