Murder by Cop

Another polarizing issue for our country to digest. Reading comments about this murder shows two opinions:

1. Murder
2. Justifiable shooting because Mr. Shaver did not obey

I obviously believe this was a murder. Ask any law enforcement officer and they will tell you that you must submit and obey their instructions. No questions, no rights and in this case, no humanity. Officer Brailsford was found not guilty of second degree murder. What is the solution? The obvious solution is to take the “law” into the hands of the people. If law enforcement and the courts fail to protect us, what other recourse is there? If there are no consequences to bad behavior, it will continue and spread.

Is this an isolated incident? Will there be any consequences to this murder? Who will raise Mr. Shaver’s children? For those who believe opinion 2 above is correct, these questions are irrelevant. Until it happens to you or someone you love. The analogy between tyranny at a personal level vs. the national level should also be discussed. If this was a black or Hispanic man, would the consequences be different? For those who balk at this question, you should familiarize yourself with the Kate Steinle murder.

Would you obey as instructed by a law enforcement officer as shown above? That is not the real question that we should be asking. The real question is why would we ever have to be put into this situation by the police? I encourage everyone to get to know their local law enforcement officers and develop a relationship with them if possible. You will be surprised by the number of good officers and you will also learn which ones are like Mr. Brailsford.

David DeGerolamo

Source: The NC Renegade

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