New Hampshire Bill Takes on Warrantless Drone Surveillance

CONCORD, N.H. (Dec. 12, 2017) – A bill prefiled in the New Hampshire House would restrict the warrantless and weaponized use of drones by law enforcement. The legislation would not only establish important privacy protections at the state level, it would also help thwart the federal surveillance state.

Rep. Neil Kurk prefiled House Bill 1759 (HB1759) in November. The legislation generally prohibits government drone use.

No government shall use a drone, or obtain, receive, use, or retain information acquired by or through a drone, to engage in surveillance, to acquire evidence, or to enforce laws; and

No government shall use a drone equipped with an imaging device to record an image of an identifiable individual on privately-owned real property in violation of such individual’s reasonable expectation of privacy without his or her consent.  For purposes of this subparagraph, an individual is presumed to have a reasonable expectation of privacy on privately-owned real property if he or she is not observable by individuals located at ground level in a public place where they have a legal right to be, regardless of whether he or she is observable from the air.

The proposed law allows various exceptions to the general …

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