New Hampshire Bill Would Take on Federal Regulation of Locally-Produced Food

CONCORD, N.H. (Dec. 17, 2017) – A bill prefiled in the New Hampshire House would set the stage to prohibit the federal government from regulating food produced and sold wholly within the state as long as it is labeled “Made in New Hampshire.” 

A coalition of four Republican representatives prefiled House Bill 1669 (HB1669) in November. The legislation asserts “all foodstuffs that are grown in and remain within the borders of the state of New Hampshire shall be regulated solely by the state of New Hampshire and shall not be subject to federal regulation, nor inspection of growing or production facilities by federal officials or their agents.”

Food producers who want the protection of the law would be required to label their product “Made in New Hampshire.” Producers or processors who sell their products only at farmers’ markets, at roadside stands, or by farm and home-based sales directly to the end consumer would be eligible to apply this labeling. Under the proposed law, these producers and processors would be exempt from federal licensing, certification, and inspection requirements.

State and federal agents who attempt to enforce federal regulations upon foodstuffs labeled “Made in New Hampshire” would …

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